This prospect of a completely monogamous race brought' into existence by "natural selection" ought to appeal to even the staunchest conservatives. But it can be attained only through freedom, and freedom is a bitter pill for defenders of a traditional institution to swallow. However, we leave the proposition with them. The purpose of this discussion has been to show the intent back of what follows in this chapter. "Ideal marriage" is not offered as a mould into which it is possible or desirable to force everyone. Rather, the aim is simply to develop the implications of the mono-gamic ideal of marriage for those who value it. If you believe in monogamy in the highest sense, you may find the following remarks profitable; but if you do not believe in monogamy in the highest sense or in any sense, then this chapter is not for you.

Three essential conditions of happy marriage may be enumerated:

A. Romantic love.

B. Fundamental equality.

C. Satisfactory physical union.

These conditions are by no means mutually exclusive but rather are highly interdependent. However, for convenience ^ they will be discussed separately. The first two will be treated in the present chapter, the last In the next chapter along with some other problems of marital hygiene.


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